Unchain your dreams


Yesterday I was preparing to teach a vision and goal setting workshop at the studio for a private group.   I wanted to be clear in a message.  I wrote up the following meditation about unchaining our dreams.  I thought it might be nice to share with all of you.

Grab a pen and notebook an marinate on this...

I want to help you dream big.  To get you outside of your box.  Don't think in terms of what you currently have or what you have done.   Think in terms of possibilities.

Take the chains off of your dreams.

Think in terms of could happen.  Get excited about what you could accomplish.  Take the rules off.  We self-impose rules that aren't actually there.  We really can do what we want.  Where there is a will there is a way.  It's within our power.  It's within our grasp.  The future is ripe with possibility.  The future is ripe with potential.  The future is begging us to take the chains off of our dreams.  The future is begging us to prepare for the POSSIBILITY of what's next.  If we have desires we should go after them.  If we have dreams we need to unchain them.

Do you dream of scuba diving, opening your own business, running a 5k, going on a trip to Italy, growing your business, going back to school, riding a bike more, spending time blogging or learning to meditate?  These are things you can do and so much more.  There are lots of things that chain up your dreams and desires.  They are tied up in bows of "If only's and when I's". If only I pay off my debt If only I'd go back to school When the kids are out of the house When I loose 10 pounds When tax season is over When my project is completed When I get promoted


The Future isn't promised.

Take those self-imposed chains off.  We don't need them.  We are so much bigger than those chains.  If you want it, GO FOR IT!  go for what you need to fill up your soul because no one else can do it for you.  Do you want to quilt, learn to knit, take a writing class, finish the novel tucked away, take a yoga class?

We have potential that is tucked away in a box hidden deep in our hearts and we let those If only's and When I's get in the way.  We are setting our own boundaries.  We are setting our own rules.  We are the only ones who can put limits on our life.  Truly.  If you want something, go for it.  Unlock that desire.  Wake up that want.  Cultivate the desire for what you want more of in your life and take the chains off your dreams.

Love, -Alisha

Goals and Aspirations for the new year

Goals 1
Goals 1
Goals 2
Goals 2

It's been a week into my new year and I've been thinking a lot about what I want to accomplish in the next 365 gosh 358 days. Here is what I've come up with...

  • Morning pages written as often as possible
  • ride my bike more
  • get a commuter bike (purple Handsome She Devil)
  • Re-paint, pull up carpet and make my bedroom and art/office more settled
  • Finish my 500 hour program
  • Design a teacher training program at Greensboro Community Yoga
  • Host at least 4 visioning/art journaling works at that studio
  • Go to france for a week or two
  • run 3-4 half marathons
  • create a marketing plan for the next two years of the studio
  • begin writing a book (yoga life-style related)
  • blog at least 1-2 times a week
  • go on another retreat with Kimberly Wilson

So far this is what I've come up with.  What are your plans and goals for either the new year or your personal new year?

A Piece of Poetry: Hands


Hands: By Alisha M. Wielfaert

My hands shake. Nerves.  Excitement. On the brink of new beginnings. Moving forward out of the darkness. Moving into hope and light. Nestling into a place of pleasure. Looking for contentment and self-fulfillment. Rising out of sadness. Putting one foot in front of the other. There is confidence in my step. Self-confidence. Confidence in my choices.  This was the right choice. I'm on the right path. I will trust myself. I will trust my instincts. Steady goes my hand.

A Piece of Poetry: Surya Namaskara A

Surya Namaskara A: By Alisha M. Wielfaert

I'm standing silently on my two feet following my breath. Inhale: I rise up on tippy-toes. My arms lift with my heels. exhale: arms to my sides.

I listen to the breeze before the storm. I can smell the rain coming. The thunder rolls over head.

Exhale: my upper body folds toward the floor. My head hangs down heavy. I am solid even as the storm brews around me. Inhale: my chest lifts, I have a flat back as I extend my spine.

The thunder rolls over head.

Exhale:  I fold forward once again. my hands are planted on the ground. I jump back to plank.

Branches and acorns fall on the roof above my head.  I lower to push up.

inhale: the cool breeze, moving into up-dog. exhale: down-dog breathing in the storm, breathing out the storm.

I look forward and jump. I send my loving heart through.

Pitter-patter. The rain is here.

I exhale and bow into my forward fold, I bow to me.

I inhale arms up over head and back to heart center to stand silently breathing, watching the rain.

A piece of Poetry: Waiting

Waiting: By Alisha M. Wielfaert

Restless.  Incomplete. Wild and patient. Days are long but time is flying fast around me. There went a year.

My heart stirs.  Slowly, sadly stirring. The more I do the emptier I feel.  Exhaustion, emptiness are my friends.  Politely waiting. For what?  I'm not sure. But I'm waiting, working.