Humbling Magic


I’ve made no pretense that entrepreneurship easy. For me it’s mostly difficult in the financial sense since I’m not independently wealthy. The work it’s self is great, but lately I’ve been faced with a few significant financial challenges and I’ve been doing a lot of soul searching on the path forward.

I’ve even been writing to my intuition asking what to do. Two messages from my inner-being came out in my writing over the last few weeks and a few loud messages from the universe have stopped me in my tracks today.

First while writing to my inner-being or soul during morning pages I got a quick instant shout in reply to “SLOW DOWN!” But I didn’t take that message seriously enough, because the universe got my attention this morning when I woke up at 5am to pound out some work and my computer wouldn’t fully turn on. An “on” computer with a grey screen is a broken computer and it forces a slow down whether I want it or not.

The second message from my inner being while writing to myself was the message to “let go of the fear”. Fear has served me well in the past, but I don’t need it now. I’m not being chased by tigers. I often tell clients to feel the fear and do it anyway and that is often the right advice. I’ve used it myself many times to take necessary steps forward. At this moment my soul’s advice to let go of the fear is the best advice I’ve heard in ages. Now when I feel fear I thank it for showing up, yes, I talk to myself. I say “I appreciate what you’re trying to do, thank you for trying to keep me safe but fear isn’t necessary today. Go rest and come back if a mountain lion is chasing me”. This seems to work well for me and it means I’m able to sleep a little better, it means I focus on solutions rather than problems, it’s my current path forward.

These are the messages I’m listening to and pondering as I work to make a living as an entrepreneur. Today pondering my options with a broken computer and feeling pressure to get work out and pack to lead the retreat, I heard my mailman leave something at my door. I was surprised and confused to find a long blue round cylinder package at my door. It turns out positive Karma from something I did a few years ago came back to me today. A friend from college sent me a magnificent piece of her art for something I had helped her with. The thing about this piece of art is that it’s an owl. Owls have been an animal that have chosen to send me messages when I most need them over the years. I believe today’s message is to keep doing what I’m doing because the universe will care for me. I was humbled to tears by this magic that showed up just when I needed it. It arrived on my door only an hour after I had texted a friend saying “what I need most right now is affection”. I feel like God herself showed up with her wings out wide for a magic embrace that whispered a message that it will all be ok.

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