Self Care Sundays: Brunch with Girl Friends

Brunch with Girl Friends

Sometime all you need is yummy nourishing food with great girlfriends to help you prepare for the work week ahead.  

My self care tips for a nourishing Sunday Brunch.  
*Meet up with ladies you love and adore
*Turn your phone on airplane mode (trust me phone off or away is always the right option)
*I like to pick the healthier food items on the menu the last thing I want is to to feel full of sugar and lethargic after brunch. 
*Limit the mimosas or bloody mary's so you're not lethargic and in need of a nap after brunch.

Brunch at someones house is fun too.  Hosting can be great if you don't mind the cooking and the clean up.   

Where are your favorite places for Sunday Brunch and why?