Self-Care Sunday: Forced Rest

Self Care Sundays: Forced Rest.png

If you’re anything like me you probably prefer getting to choose when to take a little time for yourself.   Unfortunately tis the season for getting a cold or the flu and my body seems to pick up colds easily.  Yesterday I woke up feeling really dreadful.  I was supposed to run a 15mile trail race (one of my favorite races of the year) The Lakeside Trail Race.  A kept telling myself just get out to the race you’ll feel better when you get moving.  I got myself out to the race and picked up my packet.  Sitting in the car putting on my number I knew I couldn’t do the race.  It felt like my body had been hit by a truck, I was aching all over.  The idea of not racing was eating me up but I knew it would be suicide to try to run even a mile let alone 15.  Instead of racing I drove home being eaten alive by feelings of failure, and questioning if I was really so sick that I shouldn’t race? 

Getting home I climbed into bed, covers piled high and proceeded to shake with chills.  “Looks like I made the right choice" I thought.  Later I would head to urgent care to see if they could fix me up with anything I haven't thought of something I haven't done in at least 5 years but I was desperate.  Spending yesterday and probably most of today in bed isn’t what I had in mind for the weekend.  The upside is that I did finish a very long book yesterday "Kafka on the shore".  Complete side note:  If you've read that book and liked it message me I'm feeling the distinct need to talk about it with someone.  

Sometimes we have to cancel all of our very fun plans that we’ve been looking forward to for a while and take a rest even if it wasn’t what we had planned.

Yesterday I finished a book, today I’ll probably catch up on my positive psychology homework from bed and take naps when I need to.  How about you?  What do you do when you’re forced to take a rest that you hadn’t planned?  How do you like to spend your sick time in bed?

Here is a list of things I know I can do from my bed when sick that help me rest. What would you add?
1) Sleep
2) Read
3) Blog
4) Catch up on homework videos I can watch
5) Binge Watch Netflix