Full Circle Gratitude in Paris


It’s mid morning in Paris a block from Norte Dame, on a blustery morning that can’t decide if it wants to be sunny or gray.  Sitting in a warm studio apartment at a tiny round turquoise table looking out a big window and drinking strong mud colored coffee that I made from an Italian percolator I’m reflecting on all that I have to be thankful for.   Top on my gratitude list this Thanksgiving morning would be choosing to quit corporate America to start my own coaching business and choosing to make this “The Year of the Travel”.  

Paris Writing Corner

Although I have one month to go this is my last international trip for “The Year of the Travel” and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude that I’ve been able to travel to the extent that I’ve traveled this year and I’m also thankful that it’s coming to a pause after December and can focus solely on my coaching business.  

Paris Streets

This trip to Paris is reflecting back to me how full of friendship, and love my life is.  In some ways I had hoped for a quiet retreat alone to write, plan and work with the backdrop of a beautiful place and it’s great food.  The universe had other plans for me because it wanted to show me what a citizen of the world I’ve become.  A German friend from my Santorini trip made a special trip over to Paris just to see me! A friend I made at the world domination summit is also here at the same time and we’ll go to a hip hop concert together Saturday.  Another friend I made last summer in Paris and I go to dinner together this evening and a dear friend from high school and I get to spend tomorrow together.  All of that happens in the span of one week in Paris, the first place that sparked my travel lust as a small child.  

Notre Dame at night

I’m wondering what all of you are grateful for today?  I’m also wondering what you want to be grateful for a year from now?  What changes can you make now to create the abundance that you desire?  

Windmills in Paris