Abundance in loving an Old Home

My kitchen is currently torn apart, my house is full of mold particles and dust that I believe have made me sick.  My contractor Jackson seems to be working around the clock.   He's been putting in evening hours so sleeping in my own bed isn't an option and probably won't be until I can get the mold and dust cleaned up.  

The past month has been one of those cliche roller coaster riders financially that reminds me that I am indeed human, and nothing in reality is under my control.  Thank god I've been meditating a lot recently.  It's helping to put this all in perspective.  Life happens and the choice I do have is how I act, and re-act towards what's being thrown at me, but unfortunately control is simply a construct of my mind that part I'm working on letting go of. 

There have been a multitude of expenses recently.   This very unexpected kitchen demolition and forced remodel has only added to the large tally.  At first I wanted to cry every time I got off the phone with my contractor Jackson as he traveled down the rabbit hole of how deep the repairs at my house were going to be.  I knew that this was the type of housing issue every home owner fears.  

Hello big house nightmare it's nice to meet you, I'm Alisha and I guess we're going to have to be friends. 

At least that's what I decided.  That's normally my attitude towards frustrating and uncomfortably things.  I figured it could work here too.  

I decided I had a choice, I could feel like a victim in this or I could embrace the fact that I bought a big old house that I really really love.  When you love something you don't love it only when it suits you or when it's convenient.  No, you love it in the hard times and in the good.  My Buddha Bungalow is 81 years old and if I were 81 years old I'd probably need some big expensive repairs too.   After all, they don't have yoga for houses.  Loving this house means acknowledging that I'm it's caretaker and these major repairs will most likely come at unexpected and inconvenient times and I'll take care of them.  

Even this event which feels major in my life's history has been challenging.  Challenging yes, and it's reassuring and enlightening to know I've been able to handle it.  I've been able to do what needs to be done to fix it and move forward.  I have enough, in fact I have more than enough, I'm taken care of, there's abundance and I'd I'm confident this old house finally has the right owner.  

Have you ever had a crazy big unexpected repair? How did you deal with it and what did it teach you?  We'd all love to know.  Comment below.