The Reluctant Teacher


We are thick in the planning for our upcoming 2015 spring teacher training program at Greensboro Downtown Yoga.  It's our first one, and we are reflecting on all of the information incoming students will need not only to take their own practice deeper, but to also teach safely, knowledgeably, and confidently.  It's a mountain of information and any 200 hour program can only scrap the surface of what there is to learn in the world of yoga.

The most important thing students need is a spark.  One tiny light inside themselves that says "I want to try, this yoga thing feels right and I want to explore it further", or "this is something everyone needs and I have a desire to share it".

Personally this path of becoming a yoga teacher was not something I thought I wanted.  Actually I deferred my first teacher training by over 6 months after I put down my initial deposit.  Reasons to not do it kept creeping around my head.  9 weekends is a lot of time, how would I be able to completely disconnect from my life for that amount of time?  Not to mention how was I going to pay for the program let alone fund 9 weekends in Asheville in one year.  I'm honestly still not entirely sure how I was able to devote 9 solid weekends to teacher training, and I'm not sure how I produced the money to pay for everything. What I can say is that there was a spark, it felt right, and somewhere deep down I knew I needed to be there and do it.

Bike Shop yoga
Bike Shop yoga

"Leap, and the net will appear." -John Burroughs

There is a lot to be said about just taking the first step or jump.  Put one foot in front of the other and follow the road where it takes you.

In my teacher training program on our first weekend together I told my fellow students that I was just there to deepen my own practice, "I don't think I want to teach".  Maybe in that proclamation I was challenging fate or daring myself because in fact I started teaching before my 200 hour program was completed.  I was the first person in my program to start teaching a formal class at a studio.  Was fate laughing at me?

2 years ago when I signed the lease to open Greensboro Downtown Yoga I thought back to how I proclaimed "I don't think I want to teach".  Ha. It seems very funny to me now.

We can push against what is happening, we can kick and we can scream, but it's not going to change the path we are drawn to travel.

I've resisted.

I've kicked.


Cried and pushed hard in the opposite direction of where I was being drawn.  I'm not good at going with the flow, but I've gotten better the more I've practiced my yoga.

Often I wonder what would happen if I just give in.  Surrender to my passions, desires? Would it be easier?  I liked doing things the hard way, but I've learned through yoga there are better ways.

Do you have a spark?  Do you have an inclination to deepen your own practice or share the yoga that has given you so much?

If so I've got just the thing...

Vision and goal setting prep
Vision and goal setting prep