Weekly Wrap up 6.28.13





Garden ready

Weekly Wrap Up

taught 6 yoga classes ran 12 miles with my running buddy 7 days of morning pages sent a few pieces of snail mail packed up a ton of my stuff worked on tasks from The Artist's Way for week 6 started keeping track of every single penny I spend (artist's way assignment) penned Meaningful Monday had drinks with an old friend at 1618 wine bar had a delightful visit with another friend at the Greenbean wednesday night Had an old Lincoln work friend surprise me by dropping into the office Monday morning from out of town penned Tuesday Tidbits penned whimsical Wednesday  penned a poem: Dirty Water continued reading "When Things Fall Apart" by Pema Chodron worked 34 hours at Lincoln Had Lunch with an awesome friend at Natty Greene's on Thursday had a beer a beer with my roomate on the porch (probably last beer on the porch at this house) cuddled with Big Train made final payment on a piece of art from local artist Betty Trotter to put up in new house Close on my house today!

Weekend Wish List

go for a run with my running buddy move all my stuff to my new house get working on nesting in my new house read chapter 7 of the artist's way go for a hike