A Piece of Poetry: Surya Namaskara A

Surya Namaskara A: By Alisha M. Wielfaert

I'm standing silently on my two feet following my breath. Inhale: I rise up on tippy-toes. My arms lift with my heels. exhale: arms to my sides.

I listen to the breeze before the storm. I can smell the rain coming. The thunder rolls over head.

Exhale: my upper body folds toward the floor. My head hangs down heavy. I am solid even as the storm brews around me. Inhale: my chest lifts, I have a flat back as I extend my spine.

The thunder rolls over head.

Exhale:  I fold forward once again. my hands are planted on the ground. I jump back to plank.

Branches and acorns fall on the roof above my head.  I lower to push up.

inhale: the cool breeze, moving into up-dog. exhale: down-dog breathing in the storm, breathing out the storm.

I look forward and jump. I send my loving heart through.

Pitter-patter. The rain is here.

I exhale and bow into my forward fold, I bow to me.

I inhale arms up over head and back to heart center to stand silently breathing, watching the rain.