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my soon to be home
my soon to be home

Depending on your definition of tiny, one could say that I've given up on the quest to build a tiny house (actually I'm not sure I'll ever give it up all together).  Instead I'm buying a tiny old home.  1931 arts and craft bungalow It's in the 1000 square feet range.

It's a lot of house for this one little person + dog and her few belongings, but it will give me enough space to do my yoga, store my bikes, and it will also give me enough space to have an actual art room just for artistic creations (not sure what they will mean yet).  Did I tell you it has a fenced in back yard perfect for a few chickens?

Tonight I'm grateful that I'm an adult, grateful for tax refunds and good therapists that help nudge you in the right direction when the whole world feels down right empty. I'm grateful that I'm me. I'm grateful that I will soon have my own little home to nest in.

xoxoxox -Alisha